Five Data Science Communities that Provide Unconditional Support to Fresher?
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Five Data Science Communities that Provide Unconditional Support to Fresher?

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Data science is a multidisciplinary field and a great profession. A few years back, the job market was tough, and fresher can’t survive in the data industry field. But as new technology is being evolved, the data science industry also grows. Now freshers can get help from many resources. Various websites published articles, and many online communities provide support. Different online institutes and colleges offer free courses for data scientists.

As a fresher, it’s difficult to assimilate into the community. Without peer help and blind support from seniors, a fresher can’t feel relaxed while facing challenges during work.

However, data scientist’s job roles and profiles need communication skills with stakeholders and team members. As performing their responsibilities, data scientists need to communicate bridges with team members and externally with the clients and stakeholders.

Moreover, many data scientists love to stay connected to their seniors, mentors, and colleagues to learn new ideas and working ways.

Get in touch with online data science communities to find many answers and possible solutions to any problem.

Most popular data science communities:

 Most popular data science communities provide a place to learn. A fresher can get involved in the community and sometimes get a job too. 

Let’s check which data science community has more value and provides better support to users.

1. Data Science Central

Data science central is another largest community that allows everyone to contribute. Anyone can post so that you can see a diverse situation here. This forum can help you to get on the latest industry trends, hear about new vacancies, and much more.

Data science allows a forum-based system but also has an editorial platform by which experts share blogs about their experience. Data science can contact peers through this channel and gain the benefits of their expertise.

2. Kaggle

Kaggle is known as the world’s largest data science community. It’s originally the Google-owned software and technically is a coding tool. But also reckon as a data science community. Kaggle boasts data scientists by providing chances to take part in competitions.

Originally it was built as a tool to assemble and evaluate teams across competitions. It provides you the facility to look and publish data sets, explore and develop models and share your work with communities all over the world.

Data scientists can enter competitions from the software which offers over 50,000 public data sets and 400,000 public notebooks to address the challenges in a web-based environment.

Another convenient feature of Kaggle is to facilitate free entry to NVidia K80 GPUs in kernels. The Kaggle community now consists of more than 3 million active members who use Kaggle to showcase their skills, share knowledge and mentor fresher.

  1. IBM Data Science Community

IBM data science community is also known as the best source for the data science community. It provides expert-level support to fresher and other community members.

IBM data science community includes many industry experts that provide answers directly to quarries. Some of the members serve the community by writing blogs, podcasts and trying to address problems.

In a nutshell, the IBM data science community serves data scientists well and is known as a great place to find the solution to problems. It is also known as a newbie-friendly platform but helps a lot with polishing skills. 

  1.  Open Data Science

Open data science is an organized platform built to make bridges between people working in various sub-areas, not only engineers and scientists. Members can create projects and invite other members to work on solutions and provide opinions towards a solution. 

  1. Data Science Society

The Data Science community is known as one of the most exciting data science communities. This community is founded by graduate students of Berkeley. This community is prominent in other communities because it encourages women and minorities to get training in data science skills. The community also provides support and value to freshers and experience to get the solution to their problems.

Want to join the data science industry?

To be a part of the growing data science industry, get enrolled in the best data science certification course and learn about the data science industry. Eliminate your fear and doubts and gain true knowledge from the data science course. You can get help and support from the various data science communities we mention above.

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